Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Anyone notice that you can't find anything that you're looking for on the web anymore?
Too much junk is messing everything up. The corporate world is trying to take us over and they really don't care about anyones life but their own. What happened to sharing?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm Back

It's been a year since I blogged so I believe now is the time to start again and get real serious about it.
I'll cover many topics and review many techno items then go from there...

I hate my iPhone 4 and AT&T mobile service... That's what I hear a lot so I got the phone and I hate it too. An LG Vu plus will be dropped at my doorstep tomorrow and I'm going to compare these two phones on talking service alone through AT&T. I get dropped calls all the time with Apple's iPhone 4 at my location ( Laguna Beach, California ). I switched from Verizon to AT&T just for the damn iPhone. Never had problems with LG phones ( Verizon ). I can't wait to compare these two phones side by side as I call many friends around the country and compare dropped calls. My prediction.... LG will win!

Much more to come... Cell phone projectors, battery life, wireless and cable services capping bandwidth. Big brother cannot keep up with techno because they're too busy looking at stock options and trades!!!!

I look forward to telling you how it is and hope you do the same for me.

Ok... Here is my response:

"Sir, I have problems with my iPhone too and this is what I do to help the battery life as well as help stop the dropped calls. I turn off 3G, Location Services, WiFi and (push) Notifications on my iPhone and it really helps me. I don't get dropped calls and the reception is much better. But I do turn them back on as needed for apps...Don't compare apples to oranges Verizon beats AT&T on phone reception alone but having that iPhone will over power anything that little LG VU can do."


The Psychic Guy

Friday, August 7, 2009

Oprah's Diet

I just received a spam email about Oprah Winfrey's diet and how it works so well.
Spammers hardly ever get caught which makes me think, is Oprah behind this one? ;-)

I don't think she would stoop that low. Not because of her money making ways but I know for sure she wouldn't promote any diet because Oprah is way to big for that (smile face)

Oprah's weight goes up and down as much as her personal "workout" trainers do
(another smile face).

Oprah, are you not able to stop spammers using your name? If not, we need to hire a psychic that looks over our government.

Love U Much Oprah,

The psychic Guy

P.S. The Middle East is starting to fight more than ever against non-supporters and USA guys are getting killed in the middle plus the locals are getting higher n higher on Opium and other side products, (Mmm, H)

Help us Oprah Winfrey!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Legal Marijuana in California

California Medical Marijuana Information

The assertion that all medical marijuana is headed for seriously ill patients is misleading. Statistics from the California Branch of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) shows that a survey of Californians reports the top three reported uses of medicinal marijuana:
40% Chronic Pain
22% AIDS-Related
15% Mood Disorders
(23% All other categories)

In California there is no state regulation or standard of the cultivation and/or distribution medical marijuana. California leaves the establishment of any guidelines to local jurisdictions, which can widely vary. For example, Marin County allows up to six mature plants, and/or a half-pound dried marijuana. It's neighbor, Sonoma County permits possession of three pounds of marijuana, and allows cultivation up to 99 plants, and physicians may recommend more for "exceptional patients."

Local and state law enforcement counterparts cannot distinguish between illegal marijuana grows and grows that qualify as medical exemptions. Many self-designated medical marijuana growers are, in fact, growing marijuana for illegal, "recreational" use.

Elected law enforcement officials, i.e. Sheriffs and District Attorneys in California have been targeted by the "marijuana lobby." Political action by groups such as NORML have endorsed and supported candidates favorable to medical marijuana. NORML tracks local elections and takes credit for the defeats of anti-marijuana candidates. Last year the DEA arrested a major marijuana trafficker in Humboldt County who was an undeclared candidate for sheriff.

The DEA and its local and state counterparts routinely report that large-scale drug traffickers hide behind and invoke Proposition 215, even when there is no evidence of any medical claim. In fact, many large-scale marijuana cultivators and traffickers escape state prosecution because of bogus medical marijuana claims. Prosecutors are reluctant to charge these individuals because of the state of confusion that exists in California. Therefore, high-level traffickers posing as "care givers" are able to sell illegal drugs with impunity.

The California NORML website lists federal defendants for the largest indoor marijuana cultivation operation in the U.S., which occurred in Northern California, as "green prisoners." While unscrupulously claiming to be "medical marijuana" defendants, in fact these two individuals were dangerous, armed fugitives believed to be responsible for drug-related murders and other violence.

DEA's San Francisco Field Division coordinates the statewide Domestic Cannabis Eradication/Suppression Program (DCE/SP). The number of plants eradicated and assets seized represent the largest totals in California history.

Learn About Weed

I think this site is very smart about weed...

It is an insurance claim website for medical cannabis patients.

Do you believe that the "weed" can help you or harm you.

Just search the internet and find out how weed will help you more than harm you. there are stories all over the web that prove weed has better effects on you than anything else. You can make clothes from hemp, the hemp oil is better than olive oil.

Just look it up... Or try this weed site if you want to learn:

Weed Bay